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This is a post before sleep. I don’t know suddenly I feel missing you. Although yesterday we were meet. Never enough, hahaha. Its been 1,5 years, 73 weeks, and 578 days our togetherness. Quiet long ya? Alhamdulillah, it always makes me grateful and thankful to Allah for our togetherness.

Bee, you know what? Our stories is like a drama, isn’t it? Something that I had never thought before. Both of us have choices. Leave it or live it. And thank you, you have choose to struggling in this way, with me. You know, when a man struggling to reach for you, it will feels like you’re an important person in his life. Something that cant describe with anything. And I feel it now (gosh, my eyes is teary right now).

Promise me, we will struggling till the end (even though I never know how the end is) we are struggling for our dreams, passions, and be my other half, won’t you? Don’t ever give up, don’t sad, if you tired with this long way just close your eyes and take my hand, I’ll beside you. .

Thank you, you have shown me what a wonderful world, what love is. Something that never been describe in any love story..

Your love is your willingness to menyisakan uangmu untuk ditabung.

Your love is your patience during wait for me when I’m come late

Your love is your spirit in encouraging me to finished my skripsi

Your love is when you ease my tears whenever I feel sad

Your love is your anger when I want take a diet

Your love is your telephone and sms to ensure that I come home safely

Your love is your praise everytime I feel unattractive

And moreover,  Your love is your faith that we can through this problems

When There is a will, there is always a way.. Allah will give His best gift to those who have faith and believe..aamiin allahuma aamiin..



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